" (8269/02)"

Comments of the Government for the friendly settlement







                         of the Russian Federation

                   at the European Court of Human Rights


   de  la Federation de Russie aupres de la Cour EuropSenne des Droits de


   First Section Registrar, European Court

   of Human Rights


   Application no. 8269/02 SUTYAZHNIK v. Russia

   Dear Sir,

   The  Russian  Federation  authorities  acknowledge the receipt of your
   letter  of  2  May  2006 with the applicant's proposals for a friendly
   settlement in enclosure.

   Having  examined  the  applicant's  proposals  at  issue  the  Russian
   Federation  authorities  advise  the Court that they cannot accept it.
   Generally  the  relevant  project  can  be  implemented by the Russian
   Federation authorities only on the competitive basis (according to the
   Federal  Law  of 21 July 2005 No 94-3), moreover the relevant funds
   (5  000  000 Russian roubles) should be provided by the federal budget
   in advance.

   At  the  same  time  it  should  be  noted  that in alternative to the
   friendly settlement of the present case the applicant has claimed 3000
   Euro  as  a  compensation  for  the  alleged non-pecuniary damage. The
   Russian  Federation  authorities  consider  that such a big difference
   between  the  applicant's  just  satisfaction claims and proposals for
   friendly settlement evidently demonstrates that they

   both  suffers  from  tack  of  any  motivation  and are of speculative

   On  the  above  stated and without prejudice to the Russian Federation
   authorities position as to the admissibility and merits of the present
   case  the  Russian  Federation  authorities are persuaded that even in
   case of possible finding a violation this mere fact in itself would be
   sufficient just satisfaction for the applicant.

   Pavel Laptev

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