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Судебное дело "Свердловское областное региональное отделение политической партии «Российская партия труда» против России (43724/05)"

Дополнительный меморандум Уполномоченного РФ при Европейском суде по правам человекана: ответ на меморандум заявителя (на английском)






                        Representative Representant

   of the Russian Federation . de la Federation de Russie aupres de

   at the European Court of Human Rights la Cour Europeenne des Droits de

   14, Zhitnaya, Moscow, 119991 tel. (495) 230-42^0, fax (495) 230-41-93



   on application JVs 43724/05

   Sverdlovsk   Regional  Branch  of  Russian  Labour  Party  v.  Russian

   I confirm the receipt of your letter of 27 September 2007 inviting the
   authorities  of  the  Russian  Federation to inform the Court of their
   position regarding further observations on above application.

   On  the  merits of the applicant's observations the Russian Federation
   authorities inform of the following. aPHipk

   The  Sverdlovsk  Regional Branch of Political Party "The Russian Party
   of Labor" now does not exist, as on the specified branch reflected the
   reorganization  of Political Party "The Russian Party of Labor" (which
   bona  fide changed the charter and the name) which structural division
   was  the  applicant.  Also  it  is  sufficient  to point out that by 1
   January  2007  the quantity of Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of Political
   Party "The Patriots of Russia was 512 members, that in 4 times exceeds
   quantity of members of the Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of Russian Labor
   Parry  as  by  17 September 2002, what confirms that the reputation of
   the Party the same as

   interests  and  democratic  rights  of  it's  members  have  not  been
   affected.  The  Russian  Federation  authorities  do not deny that the
   Sverdlovsk  Regional  Branch  of Political Party "The Russian Party of
   Labor" has been registered and acted as the legal entity, nevertheless
   all  its  capacity  had  been  voluntary transferred to the Sverdlovsk
   Regional Branch of Political Party "The Patriots of Russia".

   So  the Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of Political Party "The Patriots of
   Russia"  carries  out  the activity in full and the present Sverdlovsk
   Regional Branch of Political Party does not claim the violation of the
   alleged  right, guaranteed by the named Article. So, even if to assume
   the  violation,  the  currently  existed Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of
   Russian  Labor  Party  does not hold the interest in adjudging it. The
   applicant's claim that it's participants may be disappointed about the
   possibility  of the Russian Federation authorities pressure on them is
   absolutely unfounded due to the fact that information contained in the
   requested applications may hardly be treated more than the appropriate
   control  over  the  quantity of the political party, stipulated as the
   compulsory  requirement  for  functioning  of  party in the originally
   democratic state.

   The  Russian  Federation  authorities  believe,  that ignorance by the
   applicant  of  the  legislation of the Russian Federation and also the
   constitutional principles of activity of the government bodies and the
   norms  providing the rights and freedom of all citizens of the Russian
   Federation,  is not the basis for a recognition of imperfection of the
   legislation  of  the Russian Federation, including the Constitution of
   the  Russian  Federation,  or infringements in work of the Ministry of
   Justice of the Russian Federation.

   Furthermore,  the  Russian Federation authorities would like to inform
   the  Court that the applicant's allegations in the name of Mr. Belyaev
   on  the  unlawiulness  of  the  liquidation of the Sverdlovsk Regional
   Branch  of  Political  Party  "The  Russian  Party  of Labor" had been
   examined  by  national  court  in due course and were dismissed on the
   ground  cleared  in  its  decisions.  However,  Mr.  Belyaev failed to
   satisfy the court requirements.

   As  for the rest, the Russian Federation authorities proclaim that the
   applicant in it's observations on the memorandum failed to present any
   substantial arguments having prejudicial value for the position of the
   Russian Federation authorities, presented previously.

   Yours faithfully,


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